5 Steps to Overcoming Any Sales Objection


By Todd Duncan

If you follow the system taught in my book, High Trust Selling, it is unlikely that you will get objections. However, they will still occur, and it is important for you to know how to respond to them effectively so that you don't lose the buying momentum you have created.

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Sales Mastery 2014: The Power of Saying “No”


Alex Varela joined the PrimeLending team in July of 2008. He has since been recognized yearly as one of their PrimeLending Power Producers. He finds himself amongst the top 15 (in regards to volume and units funded) loan officers in one of America’s largest mortgage banks.

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77 Life Lessons From Sales Professionals


By Todd Duncan

Life balance in my mind is the single most important thing that a sales professional can achieve. With that being said, I've compiled a list of life lessons from top producing sales professionals that I've mentored to share with you. My hope is that they cause you to think differently about your business and your life. These are great lessons that can help you change your choices, because when we change our choices, we can change our life.

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Invest In Your Business By Joining Us at Sales Mastery 2014!


This year Todd Duncan is celebrating the 21st Anniversary of his first Sales Mastery event. Over 30,000 mortgage professionals have counted on this event to give them powerful truths and reliable strategies to gain an edge in the marketplace and live an abundant life in the process.

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Sales Mastery 2014 Speaker Announcement: Hal Elrod


Consistently rated the #1 Keynote Speaker by meeting planners and attendees for more than a decade, #1 Best-selling author Hal Elrod inspires audiences with his powerful true story, keeps them laughing hysterically with his high energy, stand-up comedy style delivery, and empowers them with actionable strategies to take their results to the next level.

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Sales Mastery 2014 Presents: The 12 Minute, $100,000 Speech


The 12 Minute, $100,000 Speech

12 Top Producers | 12 Ideas | 12 Minutes Each

12 tried and true strategies implemented by industry leaders with the goal of giving you 1 more purchase loan per idea, per month.

Proven | Executable | Game Changing

Your career will change in a matter of minutes.

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4 Tips to Handling a Changing Sales Market


By Todd Duncan

To avoid the stink of a stagnant sales career, you must learn to grow with change. In other words, you must learn to keep a finger on the pulse of the market (something we hear quite often) and on the pulse of your clients’ needs and values, the pulse of your product or service, and your own pulse. It’s a good thing you have so many fingers. I want to show you how to do away with stagnating and give you a strategy to ensure that you remain on top of your selling game now and in the years to come. Here are four steps that you must take in order to remain apprised of the constant changes in your sales industry and retain a lead on your selling competition...

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Killing The Sale: Are You Ignoring Change?


By Todd Duncan

In the world of sales, simply meeting customers’ expectations is good enough to secure a client, but not necessarily to keep a client. In an era of ever-expanding choices, being successful in the sales profession takes more than courtesy and kindness. It takes more than mere professionalism. And it takes more than merely meeting cus­tomers’ needs. Yet many salespeople are still selling with a simple arse­nal of service, value, and good products. And while those things are integral parts of being a successful salesperson (in other words, you can’t be successful without them), they are not enough to set you apart from your competition in the long run.

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